Below you will find volunteer opportunities for our school events.  All the school events have a different commitment level, but you don't have to be available for the entire time.  Whatever time you can give is very much appreciated.  Keep a look out for a "Sign Up Genius" link to appear on our website to volunteer.  Also, in order to volunteer at the school you must have a volunteer affidavit filled out and approved.  If you would like additional information please contact us

American Education Week

Parents are invited to visit their child’s classroom to observe the activities and lessons that take place throughout the course of a normal school day. This event takes place in mid-November.  Sign in visitors and direct them to appropriate classrooms.

Holiday Baskets

Holiday Baskets to brighten the holiday season for district families.  Volunteers are needed to help assemble food and gift donations.

Kindergarten Screening

Incoming Kindergarten parents visit FLW for orientation and then incoming kindergarten parents and students visit for assessments/paperwork.  Direct children and parents to the proper rooms.  Support is during school hours either in the morning or afternoon and one evening.


Library Volunteer

Volunteers assist in the libraries at each school during the school day.  Shelve returned library books and straighten book shelves.

Walther School

Ashbrook School

Bobby's Run School

Lumberton Middle School

Partners In Pride (PIP)

The PIP program creates additional opportunities for parent involvement specific to your child's school. Support daytime school activities as needed.  Volunteers are contacted throughout the year in response to each school’s needs.

Walther School

Ashbrook School

Bobby's Run School

Lumberton Middle School

Reflections Program

A nationwide PTA-sponsored program that encourages children to express their creativity through art, photography, literature and music. The program kicks off in the fall.  Collect submissions from each school as well as assist in the evaluation of the entries.


Room Representative

Room representatives plan classroom parties at FLW, AES and BRS and coordinate additional class activities requested by the teacher. Please note that there is a separate sign-up for this committee! A signup link will be posted on the PTA Website on the main page in September. Look for a listserv in early September with exact sign-up dates. Facilitate communication between the teacher and other room parents. Coordinate parties that include crafts, games and healthy treats.


Six Flags Reading Program

Encourages students to read by offering a free admission to Six Flags Great Adventure. This program is open to grades K-6 only.  Collect and verify completed entries.



The PTA awards a scholarship to six Lumberton students who are graduates of the Lumberton School District and are now graduating high school. This committee meets in the spring.  Attend meeting(s) to review the submitted applications/essays and make recommendations.


Create lasting memories of the school year for students.  Photograph events, students and classroom activities throughout the year.

Walther School

Ashbrook School

Bobby's Run School

School Support

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